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Race Report: 2014 San Francisco Marathon

The 2014 San Francisco Marathon started under perfect weather in July of this year. Conditions were nearly perfect. So why take so long to write a race report? Normally, I’m far better about writing my race reports; After all, who wants to read a report about a race almost a month after the fact? I’m not sure why it took …

Captain ChasRace Report: 2014 San Francisco Marathon
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Race Report: 2014 Spartan Race San Francisco

When you think of a Spartan Race, you think of fire. You think of blood. You think of spears and barbed wire and mud and water. Oh, sure Spartan has a lot of CrossFit stuff, too, but it’s the mud and blood that make it truly Spartan. Unfortunately, none of that was present during the 2014 Spartan Race San Francisco …

Captain ChasRace Report: 2014 Spartan Race San Francisco
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2014 Pikes Peak Marathon Trailer

After the Pike’s Peak Marathon, I put together this short trailer using images from Google Glass and my personal professional photographer. Pike’s Peak Marathon isn’t the second toughest marathon in the world for no reason; I definitely underestimated the effects of altitude!  

Captain Chas2014 Pikes Peak Marathon Trailer
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Mount Charleston: Reaching the Summit

I planned on having a longer video, as I used the GoPro to film the entire trail. However, even I don’t have that sort of attention span, so here is a cooler – and much shorter – trailer about my ascent to the summit of Mt. Charleston!

Captain ChasMount Charleston: Reaching the Summit